We have the flexibility to accommodate hours with daytime, evening and week-end. We may also come to you wherever you are in the world. Our Minimum Service Fee is $110, depending on time and day of appointment. This Service Fee doesn't include Government Processing Fee ($0-$300). We offer up to 15% discount to not-for-profit organization with IRS Determination Letter, large groups and Escrow/Corporate/Business/Personal accounts open with us.
We accept all form of payment: cash, credit cards, checks, money order, Paypal, Escrow/Corporate/Business/Personal Account...
Checks accepted when submitted at least 48 hours prior to appointment. Credit Cards accepted when credit card holder is present (with a valid form of ID), exception for established Escrow/Corporate/Business/Personal Accounts .

Since February 2014, the City of Beverly Hills Police Department no longer provide Live Scan or Ink Fingerprinting Service to the Community; it's our duty to provide residents and neighbours outstanding service as the Police Department would.

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As a California Department of Justice and F.B.I Certified Fingerprint Service Provider, we have the capability to manually and digitally capture and transmit your fingerprints to the State and the Federal Government for purpose of community care licensing*, nursing*, personal and criminal record review, immigration and adoption matters, permission to live, work and travel in a foreign country, background check, as well as for pre-employment, internship, license/permit and more (peace officers, teachers, foster parents, bankers, stock brokers, Indian casino workers, vehicle salespersons, permit with firearm, second hand dealer/pawnbroker, petition for adoption, application for visa/immigration...). We do so through Live Scan Device and/or Ink Fingerprint Card (F.B.I Card FD-258, SF-87...).

We have the authority and resource to working with You and/or your Human Resource Department as your custodian of records for background check solution, from capturing your employee's fingerprints to providing and monitoring background check results to insure maintenance of great and serein business environment . Contact us today to learn more.

*For Community Care Licensing, due to the complexity and specificity of ACS-Background Check Procedure, we strongly recommend you contact us before completing and submitting your Certification Application.

*Becoming a Nurse in California as a resident and/or fresh student graduate, or as an out-of-state or country individual can be challenging; we can help you complete the entire registration and application process with California Board of Registered Nurse as simply and swiftly as possible. Contact us today to learn more.

Whether you are an employer, vendor, contracted worker, consultant and/or simple individual involve in certain field of business such as, but not limited to: School Contractor, In-Home Supportive Care Provider, Youth Organization, Human Resource, Contract/Proprietary Security Organization, or other - and you would like to complete the required California Department of Justice Fingerprint and Criminal Background Check Certification in order for you, your business and/or your employees/volunteers to work with or around children, the eldery, or the disabled, we have the authority, expertise, material and knowledge to help you successfully complete the entire process. Contact us today to learn more.






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