We provide Unique, Official and Professional Court Reporting and Deposition Services in Beverly Hills for use anywhere in United States in accordance with Juduciary System Proceedings, and everywhere in the World following the Hague Conference on Private International Law, or simple Certification elsewhere:

We take depositions and affidavits, administer oaths and affirmations in all matters incident to the duties of the office, or to be used before any Court, Judge, Officer or Board Worldwide. We also witness and authenticate execution of certain class of Documents.

We serve you in matters that needs to be documented and/or archived such as, but not limited to: Entertainment and Studios Reporting, Business/Conference Reporting, Expert Witnesses, Medical Documents and more. 

Whether your place of business is around the corner or you happen to have business in Southern California or elsewhere, we will handle your needs with accuracy, efficiency and confidentiality while maintaining highest standards of excellence and professionalism, in our office equipped with two conference rooms, video conference equipment, additional office space for your convenience, office staff/supply/equipment, highspeed internet and more. Schedule your deposition with us today by completing the form below:  

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